Winning At Life: Results

Today I want to talk to you guys about something that I find very important in my life.


I want to talk to you about how results affect you mentally, how to find the results to aim for and how to get the best results possible.

How Results Affect You

Everyone out there knows they need to get results. Plain and simple right? However, what people don’t notice is how they are affected by these results.

Imagine this, you’re a college student who has a paper due in 2 days. You haven’t started it yet and you need around 20 pages to get a decent grade. What do you do? You start rushing and writing this paper as fast as possible. You are stressed, tired, upset but you HAVE to finish this paper.

Guess what happens when you finally finish? Thats right, you get a huge sense of relief and enjoyment. When you get your paper back with the big fat A, the fact that you finished and achieved your goal is an amazing feeling for you. You need to understand this. It is very powerful.

Results push you to keep going further

In a world where results didn’t matter you would have no motivation. You need results to give you motivation to keep going.

How To Aim For Results

Now that we understand how results affect us mentally we also have to look at the other side of the coin, aiming for them.

Lets go back to our college student example. Now imagine instead of 2 days, you have 2 hours left. 2 hours to get the result of an A grade. You think its possible? HELL NO!

We need to aim for tangible results to get the true sense of achievement. With only 2 hours our paper will be crap and we will still feel like shit.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you can’t shoot for your dreams. By all means do so. This just means you need to look for small results at a time to keep you motivated.

Want to make the NBA? Thats your end result, however along the way have smaller goals that are tangible. Maybe you want to learn to dribble better, maybe you want to be a better marketer, maybe you want to dunk. It’s all on you, but make sure you have goals you can tangibly aim for.

How To Get The Best Results

I believe the video below gives a good idea on how one can get the absolute best results with their marketing.

Hope you enjoyed!


Winning At Life: Marketing

Jersey City’s Best SEO 

In the last post I talked about how MOTIVATION will lead! However, I did not tell you exactly how you can continue to motivate yourselves when you are lost! The best way to motivate yourself here is to pick yourself up and become great again by MARKETING YOURSELF!

How Do I Market Myself?

Frankly put, marketing happens all the time and you need to do it to. People often get fearful that marketing themselves can come off as showy or flashy. You need to understand that anyone who wants to succeed has to market themselves. When you make new friends it is because your friend, consciously or not, marketed themselves in a way that appealed to you. You need to understand all the top firms market themselves.

So what do I do about actually marketing my personal brand?

Well first watch this video:

After watching that I want you to realize this is something you can do. Search Engines are the first way people look you up and you want it to be a good first impression. This usually isn’t the case (unless you hire the right people).

Wait, So you want me to google myself?

Not quite! Googling yourself is a first step, but you need to do more. In order to keep yourself on track you need to not only monitor yourself you need to influence what results go where. This is what the video was about, it helps you to do basic things to get good things about you showing up.

Of course, it is always good to have a safety net of a great marketing firm.

Jersey City’s Best Digital Marketing Firm

A great firm helps in so many ways. A marketing firm is there to ensure that when you do need help you can get it quickly. They are there to comfort you to ensure that everything will be OK. Believe me, while fear may be the greater CREATOR of motivation, it is also the GREATEST DEFLATOR of motivation. Nothing will stop you from being motivated more than the fear that you can’t do it.

Good digital marketing agencies are there to ease your concerns. They are there to help you understand that no matter how bad it is, it can be fixed. A great firm (like SMC DIGITAL) is an art and they have put in so much work to get there. You need to be in the hands of a great marketing firm.

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Winning At Life: Motivation

In the last post I talked about how MOTIVATION + DEDICATION lead you to being successful at anything that you do! However, I did not tell you exactly how you can motivate yourselves. For that reason, I felt I should elaborate more on what motivation is and how to motivate yourself.

What is Motivation?

Motivation is defined as something that causes you to motivate yourself. So what exactly does it mean to motivate? Well motivate is defined as something that serves as a motive for something else. A motive is an impulse that acts as an incitement to an action.

Now that you know what the dictionary definition is let’s break this down. First of all I want to ask you, what do you think is the motivation for this Tiger?

It is obviously in fear of something that is why it has reverted to its defense mechanism: roaring. I want you to really understand that for a second. The most powerful and gut wrenching sound a tiger makes occurs when it is backed up against a wall and in fear. Only then is it MOTIVATED to roar. And when it roars it makes quite a beautiful, artistic image, I must say.

What? What does this mean?

Ok let’s come back to reality. We’ve established that a motive is an impulse telling you to do an action. We’ve also seen that in nature the most powerful actions result from fear. Let’s put this together. To get true motivation you need fear! For example, you may hate running, but the day a man is chasing you with a knife you will be supremely motivated to run. It is fight or flight!

You want me to be afraid all the time?

Not quite! So far I’m laying the groundwork for you. For everyone that thinks they lack motivation, they only lack it because they have been comfortable! To get true motivation you have to step outside your comfort zone. You do this by removing your “safety nets.”

Look it is much easier to lack motivation when your parents are supporting you, you have a nice house, a nice life, etc. Who wants to go out and do work then? But say you’re broke, poor, on the verge of being homeless: You are going to be highly motivated.

Removal of the Safety net

My point is, I really want you to challenge yourself by taking risks. Don’t move out! No I am not saying that. I’m saying understand that motivation comes from being backed up against a wall. Put yourself in a situation where you are backed up against a wall for a while and find motivation! Once you find it for the first time, it’ll take practice, but soon you’ll be able to find motivation wherever you are! Get outside of your comfort zone and destroy that safety net!

Next time I will do a post on dedication!

Until then! See You Winners!