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Part 1 Anatomy

2000 plus questions with cross-sectional, plain radiographs and contrast studies. Includes normal variants and information related to the structure.

Part 1 Physics

Over 300 questions covering interaction of radiation with matter, artefacts, x-ray and radionuclide equipment, image quality and patient dose.

Everything you need for effective learning

Active learning strategies like using flashcards, quizzing yourself and spacing out studying over time is scientifically proven to be much more effective then re-reading notes and textbooks.

Where is the tip of this pacemaker lead located?

Apex of the right ventricle


Flashcards are a very effective study tool. They help you engage in active recall which is a principle of efficient learning!

Learning in this way promotes stronger neuron connections in your brain. This is because it is more difficult for your brain to recall information from memory than passive learning methods like re-reading notes.

Using spaced repetition with flashcards helps to commit whatever is being studied to long-term memory and make it more likely you will be able to remember the information in the future.

All flashcards on FRCR Academy have high quality original images and animations.

MCQs & Quizzes

Another great learning technique is to take regular quizzes before examinations. Use our MCQs to get instant feedback with detailed explantions on each question and take regular quizzes to then test yourself.

When you get the questions wrong you get an accurate diagnostic on what you don't konw, and this tells you what you should go back and study. This helps you study more effectively.

Just like using spaced repitition with flashcards taking regular quizzes will also help cement long-term learning. As they require you to bring previously acquired information to mind it is another form of active learning.

Remember information that is often retrieved from memory becomes more easily retievable in the future. Regular practice makes perfect!

All our MCQs have detailed explanations to ensure you understand the concept fully!

What vessel is shown here?

Pulmonary artery
Brachiocephalic artery
Right trium
Superior vena cava
Brachiocephalic vein

High quality content

All questions created by radiology experts and contain detailed video/animated explanations.

Live engagement

Regular webinars on zoom hosted by medical professionals covering various case studies.

Insights and reporting

Track your progress over time! Instantly identify topics where you need extra study.

Multiple device support

Free mobile apps available on iOS and android so you can study on-the-go.

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